Kansas Children’s Foundation

Helping Kansas Kids In Need

The Kansas Children’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, financial and emotional support to children and families across the state of Kansas.

Our mission and focus is to improve the lives of ill children on their journey to health through program and partnership opportunities. With your support and the help of community based programs, we are fulfilling our mission and making a difference in the lives and health of Kansas kids.

Here’s How We Help Kansas Kids

Individual Assistance

Financial assistance to help pay for medications, specialized formula, travel reimbursement for medical care and durable medical equipment.

Pediatric Grants

We are not currently accepting unsolicited grants. We are working with select partners to fulfill our mission in select and strategic partnerships.

Your Gift, Their Miracle

Every gift, no matter how small, can have a HUGE impact on the life of a sick child. The Kansas Children’s Foundation only exist because of your generosity. Your financial support could drastically change, even save the life of a child! Donate now or join us at one of our events to spread awareness of our organization in our communities.

Featured Stories: Meet Emmett

Less than 2 hours after being born, Emmett was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Within one year he began battling chronic pneumonia and swallowing issues – leading to monthly hospital stays to treat his lungs. Emmett loves music, and in his hospital room there would always be music!

The Kansas Children’s Foundation provides music therapy (and other resources and programs) to children like Emmett – giving each child emotional support and comfort during hospital stays.

There are few things harder than seeing your child suffer, especially at a hospital. I was greatly comforted knowing that Emmett had music therapy to get him through blood draws, suctioning, x-rays, and surgery. He would instantly calm when the music began, and for that I am deeply thankful!

~Emmett’s Mom

Kind Words from Parents Just Like You

It was such a burden relieved for our family; we are so lucky to be on the receiving end of the Kansas Children’s Foundation.

~Katelyn Weathers, Patient’s Mother

Reese loves the art therapy and music therapy programs. All the support has helped her blossom into a social, fun loving little girl despite facing cancer. The support really is a light to us in this dark time!

~April Horn, Patient’s Mother

Davis’s favorite activity was a lesson playing the ukulele. He spent the afternoon performing ‘concerts’, and upon discharge told me: ‘this was the best day ever!’ A terrifying experience was made positive thanks in part to Music Therapy.

~Ashley Gluszek Purdum, Patient’s Mother

We Help Children in Communities Across Kansas

The Kansas Children’s Foundation exists to provide support to children suffering from various illness and diseases. Through grants, events, and the opportunity to donate we support children throughout the state of Kansas.

Their wellness and health care are the foundation of our community based programs for improving each child’s life.

One state, multiple communities.

The map below represents children through the state of Kansas that our organization supports.

Each sunflower on this map represents a county where families have received support from your donations.

One raindrop cannot water a garden – but many working together have the power to restore life.

Author Unknown

Our programs provide financial and emotional support for children and their families including food, health care, and medical supplies.

Every Gift Is Important To A Child’s Life

Every donation goes to help children – whether it’s in the form of money, attending a fundraising event or stuffed animals to lift the spirits of seriously ill children. Each gift is directly involved in improving the health of children in need and their families.

The success of our organization relies on your generosity! Donate now to give kids across the state of Kansas the chance at a healthy childhood.

Help us fulfill our mission and Donate Now – the health and wellness of Kansas kids rests in your hands.

Kansas Children’s Foundation Donations

Raising money and awareness is a core focus of the Kansas Children’s Foundation. Our biggest event of the year is our Wine, Women & Shoes gathering. The proceeds from this event support sick children and their families. Attending one of our events is a great way to get involved with our organization and support children ages birth through 17.